New Feature! Drag, Drop, and Spin Objects in CenarioVR

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From cleaning up a grocery store to sorting parts on a conveyor belt, learners can move around and sort 2D and 3D objects using CenarioVR’s latest drag and drop options. And, if it is a 3D model, learners can spin it around to get a better look when you set the interaction type as “spin.”

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  • sivec
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    Such an exciting new feature!
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  • tlcwithval
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    Trying out the drag and drop feature using puzzle pieces I created, but having difficulty setting it up i.e. pulling my hair out :# Is there a step-by-step instructions for both the drag and drop actions and conditions.

    FYI I did watch the videos and they did not show the details I needed.
  • johnb
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    Here's an excerpt from the full CenarioVR Training on Drag, Drop and Spin. Should be very helpful and has an exercise you can go through. Let me know if this helps!