Hosting CenarioVR with video

rprice-5507 Community Member Posts: 6 ☆ Roadie ☆
We're having a few performance issues when hosting exported CenarioVR SCORM or HTML5 packages on our LMS. It's mostly the performance of the embedded 360 video that's causing problems - lots of buffering.

We have very high end hosting, so the issue isn't our end but at the recipients end due to the low bandwidth on their connection.

We did a test moving the Cenario files into Azure Media Services (AMS) and rewrite the data files to stream the videos from AMS. Unfortunately, this has proven not to be viable, as the video player bundled with Cenario packages is unable to connect to the AMS video streams and so can't play the videos from there.

We've experimented with CDN's as well and that hasn't made much of a difference.

Ideally there would be a way of detecting the connection speed and tailoring the quality of the stream accordingly (similar to YouTube, Netflix, etc.). We were hoping AMS would be the solution but editing the JavaScript in the compiled CenarioVR to point to Azure doesn't work.

How have others tackled this? Is there an obvious solution that we've missed?