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Currently, when we show our work to clients on the CenarioVR app, we ask them to search "Video Interact" in Public Scenarios.

When searching this, our work does appear due to us adding "Video Interact" to each of our Scenario's title.

What would be nice, would be for some sort of 'Channel' feature to be added, similar to YouTube and Vimeo, where a client can find the "Video Interact" channel and view all Scenarios included. This channel could then be shared and clients can have immediate access to all of our published CeanrioVR content on the app.

This may also help with the presentation of Public Scenarios. It is currently a bit of a free for all and you can be searching for a while to find what you want.

When I show Public Scenarios to clients, I am very conscious that they will see A LOT of scenarios which are not related to our company.

Just a thought!
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    Thanks for this input, Jack!
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    I agree, another way to filter/search would be useful. It would be good to have a 'test' category as well because there are alot of public scenarios which are experiments rather than final published works.