Embedding YouTube videos with CC

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I'm having some tricky issues incorporating specific client requests related to embedding youtube videos within a training.

What they want:
1) Video must be hosted on youtube
2) CC must be accessible
3) Preference to hide suggested videos on pause and at the end

What I have learned:
I posted back in march about adding Youtube videos within lectora. When using the add youtube button, it adds the video with the standard Lectora player controls, but CC does not show up. I was informed on the forum that Lectora currently does not support CC for youtube videos and I should add the video by an external HTML object.

I have that all set up and it works great. After reviewing, the client is still unhappy with the youtube populated suggested videos. I am aware of the "?rel=0" code that can be added to the embed code of a youtube video, but it no longer removes suggested videos and only pairs them down to videos from "your" channel.

The client then linked me to a separate training that another contractor made for them that has a video that does not show suggested videos on pause or at the end of the video. I dug into some of the code for the training and it's clear that the workaround was to have some kind of cover that hides and shows on pause and play to cover up the video suggestions. This training still links to a youtube video, but it has separate controls (including CC!).

The training referenced can be found here and the video the client linked me to is on page 16.

Any help understanding how both the custom controller on a youtube video and the interaction enabling a blocker on top of the video would be greatly appreciated!

I am using lectora online on a mac and have tested various options on Safari and Chrome.



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    Hi! I happen to know the developer of the STEADI course and have reached out for a better response. We have used the embed code from YouTube to place in an external object in order to get the YouTube player bar with cc-toggle button. Having this happen somehow via the simple plop in the YouTube URL Insert menu feature in Lectora would be GREAT (gives LARGE ANIME EYES look to the Lectora engineers here). This has been a wishlist thing for a while.

    We've just fixed an embedded YT video play error that was the simple selection by the team that uploaded the CDC video as private to YT and then forbid embedding. I hadn't give much thought to blocking the YT rabbit hole of often inappropriate suggested videos post-play. I wonder if within the embed code that a start and stop point via time marker could be specified so that the video simply stops just prior to the actual finish and thereby avoids the post-play suggestions?

    Responding to let you know that I have forwarded your note and so I can follow this thread. :smile: Karen
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    @cdckaren Wow, thanks so much!! Small world!

    Ditto to your thoughts on better youtube integration within Lectora. I also like the use of the custom audio and video player within the STEADI training. I'm still not sure how to make that work with an embedded youtube video, but I have messed around with custom skins for just a simple audio player. I had read that their might be concerns about 508 compliancy with custom skins so I tended to stay away. Seems like the STEADI training is 508 compliant so I would be interested in details on the custom player as well.

    If we need to connect outside the forum I can be reached at [email protected]
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    UPDATE: The original developer of STEADI tells me that the course has since been redeveloped by an external vendor and we don't know which one. He also suggests the following article:


    I'll be trying this out too.
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    If you're not a part of this already, you should join and bring your questions about custom skins to the Lectora Accessibility User Group (see http://thelaug.org/index.html). We're an independent collection of Lectora users that collaborate to solve accessibility issues with Lectora development. There are usually product engineers who participate as well, so many of the 508/WCAG enhancements have resulted from this group.
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    @cdckaren Thanks for the update. I looked into the link you sent about blocking recommendations on youtube...unfortunately, it seems like its a per browser kind of workaround.

    I joined thelaug.org about a year ago and actually had one call with Christine early on. Is there a forum anywhere to post more questions in regards to accessibility? I also joined the LAUG group here in the forums but it looks like no discussions have been posted.

    Also, for Karen or anyone else on the forums....I'm also still curious about how to embed a youtube video with an external HTML object while also adding custom player controls on top of that.

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    Somewhat related, the Lectora template team is currently working on several new Lectora media player widgets in different styles to coordinate with our new Themes and Style packs.
    Chris Willis, Product Director, Lectora
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    Hi fellow LAUG-er Chris! a cc toggle button would be lovely... or even a way that a plopped-in YouTube URL video carries over its own native player bar... :)