SCORM student name from Oracle LMS

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I am populating a certificate of completion in the course with the student name and current date. I've done this on at least six other LMS systems and it works. I create a dummy text field for each data element (name and date). Then replace the contents of those fields with AICC_Student_Name and CurrentDate, respectively. On the Oracle LMS, it is not working.

Any ideas, thoughts or help is much appreciated.


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    Seems like that should work... have you tried any other variables just to see if all communication is blocked? (Like maybe AICC_Student_ID)? Side topic - my company may be moving the Oracle LMS in the next year... how do you like it?
    - Adam Cain
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    Adam, In my current role, I don't manage the LMS but from a courseware developer perspective and from a user perspective, I am not a fan. I've used CornerStone, Coursemill, Moodle, and others as well as homegrown SCORM systems that were more intuitive than the Oracle system. Take a good look at their documentation to get an idea of the frustration ahead.