Can a video file on the local machine be used in a SCORM file published to a LMS?

mgrubb Community Member Posts: 6 ☆ Roadie ☆
I am trying to use a video file copied to the local machine in a course that is published to run online from a LMS. The reason for this is low bandwidth. I don't want the whole course run offline due to SCORM reporting and difficulty in maintaining current versions on remote machines. Is this possible? How is it done?

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  • pnadeau
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    Hi, you can store your video on server like YouTube or Vimeo. I prefer Vimeo because you can replace or install a new version of the video and keep same URL so you don't need to modify/update your course. It cost $108/yr (CDN$ !!!).
  • mgrubb
    mgrubb Community Member Posts: 6 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Thank you, but I am looking for an option that will not rely on the Internet to access/play the video. I am looking for a way to identify a location on the hard drive (C:\videos\WorkVideo.mp4) and have the SCORM module look for the video to play from that location.