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Question: Lectora 19 Synchronizing Audio Events

andrew-robertson Community Member Posts: 46 ♪ Opening Act ♪
Hello all -

I have a question. Our current e-learning environment requires us to use a multitude of web servers to provide media rich content (audio, video, pictures, etc) across our corporate network due to our geographically diverse nature of operations. This allows us to offload the heavy transfer of data across our WAN and to remote sites that are on very low bandwidth network connections. This means that we keep our audio/video outside of our SCORM pkgs and use direct links to the content (e.g. https://someurl/folder1/folder2/somefile.mp3).

Is there a way that I can synchronize audio events to an external audio file? I know I can do it so long as the audio file is contained within the SCORM pkg.

Thank you,


  • andrew-robertson
    andrew-robertson Community Member Posts: 46 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    For anyone trying to figure this out, I was able to get a workaround...
    1. Develop / Sync your media events as normal.
    2. Export to ZIP.
    3. Unpack the entire ZIP file.
    4. Using Notepad++, do a Find in All HTML files for media/ and it should only show linkages for audio and video content.
    5. Using the same function, do a Replace in all files, and replace media/ with whatever your server or path you want to use is.
    For example, instead of media/someAudio.mp3 it would now read http://locallms/coursecontent//en/someAudio.mp3

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