Popups with Images not Printing

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I have a course that has resource pages with images on them. On that new window popup page (setup as non-Lightbox popups) there is a close and print button. When selecting Print, the print window shows up but the image in the popup window doesn't populate in the print preview.

Anyone have an idea why the popup box won't print?


  • carlfink
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    I don't have an answer, but I suggest you post your Lectora version and the exact way your print button works. It will help others figure out the issue.
  • ahwalek
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    Thanks Carl.
    I'm having this issue using Lectora 19.0.3.

    The course has pages with buttons that are set to open reference pages in a new window. On the reference pages there are images (usually a table) and a button to Close and another to Print. The Print button has a OnMClkPrintPage action on mouse click.

    It operates correctly when publishing for offline or to HTML. I've tested SCORM 1.2 in two LMS' and get the same result...a blank page preview with the header and footer. In the attached image, I get the same result whether I select a printer or Print to PDF as shown.

    Anyone see this before?


    Image of Popup Reference Page:

    Image of Print Preview: