Is Flash required to use audio to Synchronize Events?

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Our company removed Flash from our computers and now I am unable to use the Synchronize Events feature. Specifically, I am trying to play the audio and add actions at specific times based on what is being said in the audio. The Play/Pause button does not work and there are no controls visible in the player.

I see the new Timeline feature in Lectora 19, but do not see how to play audio to find the correct time to add actions. I may just not understand how to use it yet.



  • jholland
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    @mgrubb Yes, there is a dependency on flash to synchronize events which we thought was going to continue working past the end of support in the common browsers. Adobe last night started terminating flash running across the Internet running anywhere outside of the common browsers. For the issue you are experiencing, we have a work around written up in the following article.
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    Thank you for the response!
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    There is an issue which will be resolved in version 21. I have a work around, please see attached.