How do you process a randomized quiz in Lectora Inspire (v17)?

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I created a randomized quiz; one question to a page and 10 pages are to be randomly selected. Normally I have a "Done" button on the last page of the quiz but because it is randomized, there is no done button. So, should there be a "Next" button on the last quiz page and where does that "Next" button take the user? Where does the pass/fail action go? I will be publishing this as a scorm 1.2 file and submitting to my LMS. Thanks in advance for any insight!

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  • timk
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    The Next button on the last page will just automatically "Process test", i.e. do either "On: Passed" or "On: Failed/Cancelled".

    If you preferred to have a last page with a "Done" button you could put your question pages into a test section and randomize the section instead of the whole test chapter.