Fix the border where different camera images meet in 360 video.

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Some pics taken using a GoPro Fusion have a serious mismatch where the images from the two lenses meet.

That's one continuous pipe, but it looks like two separate lengths which don't meet correctly. Any suggestions on how to fix that? I don't want to give my students the impression our construction team is that incompetent. :)

Thanks, and have a very happy new year.


  • johnb
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    I would recommend the GoPro Max. Much better than the Fusion in every way.

  • carlfink
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    I have a GoPro MAX sitting on my kitchen table charging right now, as it happens. And tomorrow I'm going back to the site to reshoot that image (and take a few more). We can't just throw away our Fusion, though, it's at another location. I have warned people to point one of the lenses at key areas, but not everyone listens.