How to you put Cenario VR into Storyline?

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How do I insert a Cenario VR file into a Storyline page?


  • carlfink
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    I'm not a Storyline expert. Can you embed a web page in a Storyline course? You could use a CVR HTML5 export (which you have set up on a server somewhere) that way. Otherwise, it might be easier to have any Storyline components and CVR components as separate content objects which are combined into a single course by the LMS (if that will work in your application).
  • hvaughan-2540
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    Publish to 'CenarioVR Live and Mobile'. Copy the hyperlink. Go to Storyline and insert a web object. Paste in the url. Publish Storyline and view. If the CenarioVR has been been published as private you will have to enter your CenarioVR login details to view.
  • carlfink
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    I remembered how:

    Publish to HTML5 and the above should work. Not tested by me, though.