Formatting of Closed Captions in Lectora Online

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Hi All,

Could really do with some help around the formatting of Closed Captions in Lectora Online. I've inserted several MP4 video files into a title, and also added VTT closed caption files for each. However when the title is previewed or published the captions are shown in white text with a transparent background making them unreadable against the lighter parts of the video.

I added some CSS code to the top of each VTT file (shown below) but the background is partially transparent and I can't seem to add line spacing or set the caption background to be completely black rather than transparent.

I'm surprised there isn't a way to set the default look and feel of closed captions - is anyone able to suggest anything? Unfortunately I'm awful at CSS :(
Thanks in advance,

::cue {​​​​​​
background: black;
color: white;