I'm curious about the 'need' to stay up to date on Camtasia versions

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I started on Camtasia in version 8. The jump to 9 was awesome, really improved things. Then I upgraded to version 18 because it felt like they smoothed out many of the problems that were in 9 and added themes (which are awesome). I jumped into 19 because they were on a roll but it didn't feel like anything really improved. I have since not moved on to 20.

Also worthy to note that templates are not backwards compatible for Camtasia more than 1 version, so if I have cool templates for v9 they'll work in 18, but when I upgraded to 19 they all became unusable.

So therefore, what versions of Camtasia are you using? Are you excited that they're giving out yearly updates? Are these updates more frustrating than exciting? What do you think?
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    My organisation uses Camtasia 2018, and new versions of any software are really difficult to get through our IT department so we tend to stay on a version until it goes out of support, then upgrade to the next stable release. Not ideal, but saves a lot of hassle convincing IT we need a new version :disappointed:
    Personally I tend not to upgrade any software unless there's a significant feature improvement, or there's a bugfix for a really annoying issue. Making templates incompatible with more than one version back sounds like premature obsolescence...