Introducing Arcades™, a Highly Customizable Gamified Destination for Learners

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Introducing Arcades™, a Highly Customizable Gamified Destination for Learners

Arcades™ engages and motivate your team by allowing learners to:

  • Interact with a variety of courses;
  • Play reinforcement games in solo, head-to-head, and team play mode;
  • Participate in custom challenges;
  • Return for daily incentives;
  • Earn points, badges, leaderboard status, and prizes; and
  • Create customizable player avatars.

In this webinar, Stephen Baer, Managing Partner of The Game Agency®, will explain the methodology behind this new and exciting platform and demonstrate how you can create a motivating and fun gamified training destination that your employees will return to again and again.

Arcades delivers learner engagement and stickiness while providing tremendous data about player usage, knowledge improvement, and behavioral traits. It’s a first-of-its-kind game-based training destination that will:

  • Maximize learner engagement;
  • Increase frequency of learners’ interactions with content; and
  • Improve accuracy and knowledge retention.

Register today and learn about how Arcades offers deep learner engagement and fosters team collaboration!

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    A game changer in the industry! Definitely worth a look.
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    This is going to be a great webinar!
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