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This community is a gathering place for eLearning professionals to talk about course development, new trends and get help and inspiration from each other.

Have questions about a specific eLearning Brothers product? Each product has its category where you can ask and answer questions. We also have categories for other tools and a purely social area, called The Green Room.




Write and Comment on Posts

This is how it all begins! If you want to start a discussion post, you'll have to be logged into the Community.

You can use both comments on an existing thread or click on the “New Discussion” button.

Do you want to add images, screenshots, or emojis to your comments? Of course, you do. And it’s easy! You can also add bullets, make text bold, insert links, and more!


Rise the Ranks

The more you interact with other members and contribute valuable content to the community, the more points you get. As you gain points, you’ll rise the ranks, from Fan to Hall of Famer!


Collect Badges

You know you want to collect some flair for your profile. Badges are earned based on community participation (quality, not quantity is what counts here!) and activity, such as making five likes on a post and answering others’ questions. Moderators can also award them for things like participating in contests.



Nobody likes a concert crowd that gets TOO rowdy. If you’re gonna hang with the band, you have to follow a few rules.


Stay on Topic

Make sure that you post in the right community category. Spam, pointless and meaningless content ruins discussions and we have a zero-tolerance policy for all automated messages and advertisements.

Keep it Kind and Clean

We’re all professionals here, right? No bashing each other or the tools you’re discussing. Discussion of illegal activities which include but are not limited to: narcotics, illegal sexual content, circumvention of copy protection, and invasion of piracy are strictly off-limits and will result in a ban from the eLearning ROCKSTARS Community.

Search Before Posting

Your question may have already been posted and/or answered. You’ll receive more feedback if you add your comment or question to an existing thread instead of creating a new thread.

Share Your Feedback With Us

If you have feedback on improvements to the community, please share it with us.

And of course, the most important rule is DON’T FORGET TO ROCK!


We hope you gain new connections, insights, and inspiration from being a member of the eLearning ROCKSTARS Community.

Michelle L. Stone, CSM, GAIQ

Community Marketing Manager

eLearning Brothers

e: [email protected]


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