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I am having a myriad of screen reader problems. The whole thing is a cluster F-. I ran the Accessibilty Check and no issues. I'll ask two questions, maybe that'll be a start to unraveling this mess.
I have Page Title text box at the top of the AU to be inherited by each page. It has the action Change Contents, Page Title, CurrentPageName. The title is not read by the reader at all. How do I get that text box read?

Each page has as its last text box in the Title Explorer sort order a text box "click Next to Continue". That text box is not being read. How do I get that text box read?

I have all sorts of issues with interactivity that I was assured would work and text boxes being read outside of the sort order or not at all. I would appreciate help with the two specific questions I have and any general insight to screen readers.

I am testing with the NVDA screen reader and have tried it in Chrome and Edge.




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    @bmontag3740 I read that NVDA works best in FF, can you try that? Also, how are you publishing, HTML and then running locally?

    Can you try setting the Page Title's HTML Text Type to Heading H1 and see if that forces a read?

    Is your title something that you can share here in the forums, or a stripped down version of it?
  • bmontag3740
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    Here is a stripped pkg of one of our files.