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I am removing the exam from one of our courses. I want the LMS to record course completion and also record a score of 100%. The score field must be filled  in the LMS regardless of there being an exam or not.

On the final page of the course I have put two actions both OnShow:
AICC_Lesson_Status - Set Equal to - completed and
AICC_Score - Set Equal To - 100

We also have an Exit button on the page with the Exit/Close action. I have prompted the student to hit that button to record the course completion.

The LMS does not see the completion or the score without hitting the Exit. Is there something else I should do to enable the LMS to see the completion and score should the student close the browser on the last page rather than the Exit?

Ought I do anything at all with MasterScore (%) in the Information tab?



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    Do you find that this is consistent in all Web browsers? I am specifically curious if it does work in Firefox. Chrome recently changed their rules for how data is saved when a web browser window is closed. It might be possible that your LMS does not handle this well.

    Lectora Online courses will call LMSCommit() when either the Lesson Status or the Score is updated. A call to LMSCommit() should ensure the data is saved to the server. This means the score and completion should get saved.

    Some LMSs will wait until LMSFinish() is called to save data to the server. We call LMSFinish() when an Exit/Close action is run, before we close the window. We also call LMSFinish() when the user closes the browser window, however, this is happening when the page is unloading and if it's Chrome then the LMS would have to handle saving the data in a special way because Chrome blocks most calls when unloading a page. So older LMS systems might be relying on old code that no longer works.

    Some authors will rename their close buttons to Save and Close, or to Set Complete and Close Course, or some instructive text with a similar CTA.
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