Screen Reader

bmontag3740 Community Member Posts: 16 ☆ Roadie ☆
We are trying to make our course operative for screen readers. This is new to us and we are going back on courses to make changes.
Right now the screen readers are giving us headaches.

They repeat the title to the pages twice. (Title page text box it on the top of AU with an aciton to CurrentPageTitle. It is in a group of top matter with the resource and exit button. That group is set to set reading order last.)

The readers are also looping our text boxes, repeating text even when we press our next page button.

Is anybody aware of some rules of thumb I should be applying to make the screen readers work more rationally? Is there a preferred screen reader we should be testing with? Is there a model course file that is known to work for screen readers that I can compare our files?