Browser Audio Warning

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With a course that had a lot of audio, Chrome, Android, and Safari start the course with a gray screen and message:
Some pages of this course contain audio. Tap / click here to download the audi and begin the course.

Where in Lectora can I access that page? Would it cause great harm to my students if I eliminate that warning and they just download the audio by default?


  • carlfink
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    It isn't a matter of harming your students (directly). It is the fact that browser makers now require at least one click(tap) to start media playback, both audio and video.

    People hate autoplay, especially autoplay advertising, to the point that browsers have been designed to defeat it.
  • wheels
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    One option is to turn off Auto Start so you do not get the tap/click here to continue page.

    Then you could add a nice button that overlays on top of the content with your own message.

    Click here to continue with ....

    Then when they click the button you can start the audio/media and hide the button.

    For Firefox it requires every page to be interacted with before allowing autoplay. For Chrome it allows autoplay after the first page of a course is interacted with. For mobile, with Seamless Play publish, we keep a pool of media players so we only need to ask once for a user interaction to enable autoplay. Because of the many variables involved it might just be easier to use your own button to kick off media on each page.