Moving Around a 3D Object

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Is there a planned way to use CenarioVR to navigate differently around a 3D object?

We're designing a module where we import the object and navigate around. Our current hack is to create multiple 'views' of the object but it's clunky.

We would prefer to use the mouse (or spacially enabled tablet) to 'walk around' a 3D object, with hotpsots on the object. This would be one scene with user-controlled POV.

Of course this would require a different way of navigating a CenarioVR scene, but it would be a toggle where we stay put, or our POV rotates around one object.  There will only be one object that the camera would have to use the origin for.


  • carlfink
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    This might belong more in the Suggestions forum?  It's a very big feature request, since it would require CVR to track 3D positions and camera angles and lighting and suchlike. It would convert from the current "360 image viewer" model to a "true" VR model with a 3D environment to navigate.

    CVR as currently implemented doesn't account for motion or even positions of objects, aside from objects added via its own system (hotspots, cards, etc.). Even those objects can never move relative to the viewer during actual viewing. They can only rotate.

    As a former science teacher, I find it amusing that CVR objects are added to what are basically the celestial spheres of pre-Galilean cosmology (each CVR layer consisting of a geometric sphere), with the 360 image/video representing the outermost sphere of the stars. But that's probably just me.

    Hmm ... you could drop your 3D model into a CVR scenario, and have it capable of rotation, which is turned on and off by clicking an invisible hotspot that covers it. That would have the same effect as rotating around the model, in terms of seeing all of it.
  • t_johnb
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    Or...... How about the user being able to freely rotate a 3D model in any direction using the mouse on the web or the controller in VR?