Global Bookmarks Possible?

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How do I send the content of Lectora's system variables and/or user-defined variables using the SubmitVariableValues action?

We want this at the global level - not set on every page.

We currently give the student the option to set a bookmark on every page - if they want to.  The student simply clicks on a little red bookmark that sends the chapter and page number.  We would like it to work automatically.

I am wanting to send the chapter number (CurrentChapterName) and the page number (CurrentPageName) to our LMS using the Submit Variable Values action. Currently, I am having to 'hard-code' these values in for every page number, e.g. c=1,p=1.
<div>These values are sent as parameters to an file which in turn, stores them to the LMS's database.</div>


  • carlfink
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    You could probably do that with JavaScript, but it's beyond my skills.
  • txlady
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    Thank you for responding.  Maybe someone else has an idea.  I do appreciate a response.
  • timk
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    Sorry in advance, I've never used this action and I don't know about ASP.

    The "Submit variables" action should send all variables from the course to the URL given in the Adress field, i.e. the URL of the server script. The script then needs to pick the relevant variables from the full amount of data.

    You might use a form with a "Submit form" action to reduce the number of variables sent along with those you need. You can decide whether to "POST" or "GET" the data to know where to find them in the server script.

    Most of it should depend on what you want to do with the values. If you just want to remember which bookmark indicators should be red, it could also be done with a normal Lectora variable "retained between sessions". In the end this would also store the information in the LMS's database. You could then turn all indicators red when the course is reopened.