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hmiller3390hmiller3390 Community Member Posts: 6
Does anyone have tips for getting rid of the white play button (when played in Chrome) on the entry scene? I tried using an entry scene with no audio or video, but I'm still getting the white play button at the beginning and our client doesn't like it. Any ideas?



  • t_johnbt_johnb [email protected] Community Member Posts: 295 ☆ Roadie ☆
    The button is always there for the CenarioVR runtime on Chrome. The click on that button is what is used to play all video and audio throughout the entire scenario, and Chrome requires a click somewhere to get things working.

    What is the use case where that is an issue?
  • hmiller3390hmiller3390 Community Member Posts: 6
    We've created a virtual school tour (web viewing only) where each location is a separate Cenario file (for size/loading reasons). We link the locations together using the new external web feature. When the user changes to the next location, they have to press the play button again and with 10 locations we are trying to reduce clicks, make the transition between locations more seamless.
  • t_johnbt_johnb [email protected] Community Member Posts: 295 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Is there any video or audio in the scenes or any of the objects in the scenes? By Chromium "rules" they would need that click to begin playing since they are separate pieces.

  • hmiller3390hmiller3390 Community Member Posts: 6
    Yes, we have lots of both, so that makes sense. It sounds like we are out of luck on a workaround, but thanks for your assistance - We always get a quick response and really appreciate it!
  • carlfinkcarlfink Community Member Posts: 699 ✶ Headliner ✶
    Heather, you could make each location a scene rather than a separate file. That seems to be the only way to avoid the repetitive play buttons
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