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Hi - I'm trying to open a Lectora WBT that was created in 2019. I can see it in Windows (see attachment - the one I want to open is dated 2019) but not when browsing from Lectora. The icon for the file lacks the little graphic that appears in files that I can open, so I guess that signifies something relevant. Is it possible to open it?




  • cainam
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    Can you right-click the file, and select "Open with", and select your Lectora program?  Is the associated 'Files' folder included in there - would expect to have at least that additional folder.
    - Adam Cain
  • RichVass
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    Hey, Lerissa - just adding to Adam's comment as well: to open the older version you have to change the extension from awt18.0 to awt.  I would recommend making a copy of it and the new 2020 one as well
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  • cainam
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    oh duh - what Richard said is the real issue!  ;  )  ".awt" should be the file type.
    - Adam Cain
  • carlfink
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    There is an AWT file in the screen capture, though.