"none controller" bug in last update?

jwestlund6143jwestlund6143 Community Member Posts: 17

We have noticed that when we have "none" controller on videos we now get a grey bar in the bottom of all the videos (in prewiev and published) since the last update on lectora online. This must be a bug?? This effects all our projects because always use "none" and design our own buttons that looks the same for sounds and videos. We have some projects that will go live now and then we have some translations and updates in old projects and every one gets effected. Its very critical for us to get this fixed.

We send a support mail but want to see if this effects any one else and if there is a "quickfix" if it takes time?


  • Hi,

    I've communicated to the Lectora Online team about this bug, but in the meantime here is a quick workaround.

    Add an Action to your video that triggers On Show

    Set the Action to Run Javascript and copy/paste the following.

    triv$(".mejs__controls", %HTMLNAME%.div).css('display', 'none');


    Sorry for any inconvenience this caused, the team will get right on it.
  • meinarsson9663meinarsson9663 Community Member Posts: 1
    Hi Johnattan,

    I am a co-worker with Josefin who asked the question.

    I don't get this workaround to work.

    Any other ideas?


  • wheelswheels Administrator Posts: 476 eLearning ROCKSTAR Admin Team
    Hi Maria @meinarsson9663,

    This will be fixed soon.

    If all your media has no controller you can put a page or title level On Show -> Run JavaScript action with this code:

    triv$(".mejs__controls", getDisplayDocument().body).css('display', 'none');

    Important: you will NOT see a different in edit or run mode, only page preview and published content will be fixed.
  • wheelswheels Administrator Posts: 476 eLearning ROCKSTAR Admin Team
    Hi Maria @meinarsson9663 and Josefin @jwestlund6143

    This issue has been fixed, tested and patched on all production servers.

    You may have to clear your internet browser cache to pick up the fix.

    Very sorry for the inconvenience.
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