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I'm getting an error (Checking Variables section) when trying to publish a course to either SCORM or AICC. The message reads: "The AICC/Web-based standard restricts the author from creating links between multiple AUs. On the Web, the transition between AUs is a function of the LMS."

The same message appears when trying to publish to SCORM.

I only have one AU in the title and it is at the root just prior to the Table of Contents, Menu and Welcome page.

The course was originally created in a much earlier version (v17) of Inspire and we just recently changed our LMS and the course is no longer reporting completion and test score correctly so I'm working on correcting some reporting issues. Currently using Inspire v19.3

Any help on how to resolve will be greatly appreciated.


  • cainam
    cainam Community Member Posts: 290 ☆ Superstar ☆
    Are your buttons and such inside the AU, or hanging outside?  (I believe you need to be able to collapse everything under the AU).

    - Adam Cain
  • jschult
    jschult Community Member Posts: 6 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Currently, outside.  I will get them moved and see what happens.  This makes sense and would explain some of one of the warning message verbiage.

    Thank you!

  • jschult
    jschult Community Member Posts: 6 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    That fixed it!!  Thank you.
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