There's Still Time To Reserve Your Spot at eLBX Online!

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eLBX Online 2020

Are You Ready to Redefine Impossible and Elevate Your eLearning?

Then join us next week for eLBX Online!

This year’s keynote speaker specializes in achieving the impossible with grit, determination, and strength. What he’ll share with you will change your definition of impossible — forever!

Tune in Tuesday, September 15 at 8:00 AM MDT to hear from keynote speaker James Lawrence, "The Iron Cowboy".

Then stick around for a total of four days packed with eLearning awesomeness from speakers like John Blackmon, Stephen Baer, Jordan Morrow, and more. They’ll share strategies for taking your learning to new heights.

eLBX Online 2020 — Day 1 — Instructional Design & Development

Virtual Expo Hall

Visit our virtual expo hall in between sessions or before and after the conference. Get the latest eLearning Brothers product information, see CEO Andrew Scivally’s office, and more.

eLBX Online 2020 — Day 2 — Developing For Immersion & Engagement

Happy Hour Game

On Day 2, we’ll close out the day at 4:00 PM MDT with a fun virtual Trivia Gameshow happy hour—complete with prizes for our top three winners. Questions will cover pop culture topics, so get ready! A happy hour RSVP link will be emailed to you once you’ve registered for the conference.

eLBX Online 2020 — Day 3 — Cutting Down Development Time

One-on-One Sessions With Rockstars

And you can register for a one-on-one session with an eLearning rockstar! We have experts ready to talk about eLearning development, design, delivering and tracking eLearning, and the business side of L&D.

eLBX Online 2020 — Day 4 — How Users Experience Learning

Reserve your spot now for eLBX Online 2020 to participate in the coolest virtual conference of the year!

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