course control via Google Cardboard?

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I have built a virtual course in which you can navigate from room to room via arrow buttons. How does the control work with 3D glasses such as Google Cardboard? It looks good, but i have no idea to control and navigate...any ideas?

greetings Marcel


  • t_johnb
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    When using "cardboard" style headsets, selection is though "Gaze to select". When in cardboard mode, which is initialed by tapping the goggles icon in the bottom right, you get a small dark circle in the center of your view. This is known as a reticle, and is your focus point as you look around. Simply focus the reticle over the hotspot you want to select, and you will see a circular selection spinner begin. after approximately 3/4 of a second, it registers as a select of the hotspot.

  • mmilo9281
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    Thank you very much for your help, I just tried it, it works great, Greetings Marcel