Change border color for resizable pages

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I must be losing my mind - when I copied a title and began editing I noticed that when publishing the non-content border area was white instead of black and I have no idea how to switch it back to black.

When I resize my window I prefer to see a black fill around the border when the window dimensions are not in the same ratio as the content page. This is kind of like seeing vertical or horizontal bars on a video when the source aspect ratio does not match the display.

I've attached an image showing the desired and not desired appearances. Does anyone have the menu option/steps I follow to change that border color to black?

Thank you!


  • rdoucette-5653
    rdoucette-5653 Community Member Posts: 2
    Good news - I figured it out. There are multiple elements that can be configured for the title background; in my case Color and Image. from the title object, access properties and work with the Title Background settings.

    The trick is to use an image (in my case a white png) and to ALSO specify a background color that is the desired border color (in my case black) for when the learner resizes their window.

    The combination of the two allows me to control the background on which the content displays (white) and the non-content border color (black) that is seen when the window is resized in a way that violates the aspect ratio.