Accessibility differences between Lectora 18 and 19

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Are there significant updates to Lectora between version 18 and 19 with regard to accessibility? I'm at a loss searching for specific documentation and release notes specifically pertaining to accessibility.

I’m still having a few issues with the reading order in JAWS/NVDA…

For example, in a colleagues course, a page with only one image and one text block (containing 3 paragraphs), where the JAWS reader skips reading the first paragraph entirely – or things like the reader mentioning, "Submit button unavailable. To activate press enter.", a curious instruction to try and get the user to select a disabled button.

We're using L18 and have had push-back from our department regarding an update to L19. Accessibility is a very large ask from my client and some specifics would be helpful to make a case for the update.





  • jjones5058
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    Hi Darrell,

    There were 2 new accessibility features added to v19:
    • <b data-stringify-type="bold">Accessible Lightbox Pop-ups</b>
    • <b data-stringify-type="bold">Accessible Custom Form Elements</b>
    For the complete list of new features and bug fixes checkout the v19 release notes.

    Regarding your JAWS/NVDA issue, we have a bug related to what you describe in our backlog. Hopefully we will get that fixed soon and out in a future release.

    One suggestion I've heard related to this issue is to have the user trigger a read all from the top of the page by using  the key combination  INSERT + DOWN ARROW keys.


    Hope this helps!