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Recently I posted a request to be able to add a title to links for accessibility so that a screen reader would be able to let the learner know when a link opens a new browser tab/window. Accessibility options properties for hyperlinks
Joe Wieloch graciously informed me of adding the Javascript:
triv$('[id*=text] a', getDisplayDocument()).attr('title','This link opens in a new browser window.')
This works great! But made me wonder why this could not be used to enhance a course where a tooltip would be beneficial to the learner beyond simply accessibility requirements. I'm hoping to see it as a properties option in a future release.



  • wheels
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    Hi Darrell @Web-Foley

    We discussed this at the LAUG (Lectora Accessibility User Group) meeting and did not understand it enough. Seems like the text in the hyperlink should be enough information. I believe that was the general consensus, but they also said maybe they don't understand the issue well enough.

    However, you make a great point that this could be useful for all titles if an author wants to provide tooltips for hyperlinks.

    I will write this up for Product Management to take a look at it.

    - Joe
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