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I'm having a slight issue with the 'Fit content to width' publish option in Lectora Desktop 17.1.8.

This option does exactly what it should on the desktop view, but for some reason when viewed on mobile all the content is shifted up and left, this means the top banner is not visible at all, and the content that should be centralised is cut off slightly on the left-hand side of the screen. As soon as I turn this setting off the course works fine on mobile.

Has anybody else had a similar issue/know a fix for this? (That preferably doesn't involve me updating to the latest version)

Thank you in advance.


  • Michelle_Stone
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    Hi, Joe. Thanks for sharing the issue you've encountered. I have a few questions so we can try to replicate this. Is the content inside of an iFrame? Are you published to HTML or SCORM? Also, when you're testing the mobile view, would it be possible to find out what devices and browsers you're using? Much appreciated!

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    Hey Joe (@jallen2116)

    I believe this use to be an issue with iOS and we did fix it in v18. Some more information and a screenshot might help us better determine if it is the same issue. Thanks!

    - Joe
  • jallen2116
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    Hi both,

    Apologies for the delay in replying. I'm not actually in work currently (but can't seem to put work down)

    The basic info is it was an iOS mobile device (I can find an exact model when I return to work next week), is not in an iFrame and is a SCORM package. I will get a screenshot across to you at the start of next week when I get back to the office.


    Thank you for your responses.