Quiz blank after changing type from Multiple Response to Multiple Choice

cjurgens-8741cjurgens-8741 Community Member Posts: 1
It started with me correcting several multiple response back to multiple choice (after I learned how to use default images for the checkbox and radio buttons, woot). I would make the correction and the question and response texts would change to white. I would change the text color back to black but the change would not seem to register. I could change the question text to a random color but not to black.

Then, while trying to change the text color to black, one of the quiz's question text boxes went poof. The setting in the question showed it but it was not on the page.

When I deleted the problematic question to start over, those too were made with white text.

Any ideas?


  • wheelswheels Administrator Posts: 476 eLearning ROCKSTAR Admin Team
    Try posting this in the Lectora or Lectora Online forums you'll have more luck there!
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