Lectora 18: JAWS Reading Order Issues

web-foleyweb-foley Community Member Posts: 33 ♪ Opening Act ♪
I saw a post topic "Lectora 17: JAWS Tabbing Issues". There was some indication that there was known issues, however, in Lectora 18 I'm experiencing other issues with regard to the JAWS reading order.

Order of  items in the Lectora Title Explorer (on page):
  1. Back Button (inherited)
  2. Title Text Block
  3. Paragraph Text Block
  4. Button 1
  5. Button 2
  6. Revealed Text Block for Button 1
  7. Revealed Text Block for Button 2
  8. Next Button (inherited - Set Reading order to last)
Order of  reading JAWS (v2020.2006.12) :
  1. Back Button (inherited)
  2. Button 1
  3. Button 2
  4. Title Text Block
  5. Paragraph Text Block
  6. Revealed Text Block for Button 1
  7. Revealed Text Block for Button 2
  8. Next Button (inherited - Set Reading order to last)
The reading order is pushing my learner to be read the Buttons before they are read the title or introduction paragraph.




  • comalley5856comalley5856 Community Member Posts: 76
    Darrell -

    By any chance are the properties of the buttons set as Always on Top?  I sent an email to you with the Registration link for the next LAUG (July 30, 2020). I don't use JAWS but there may be others on the call who can shed some light on this challenge.

  • web-foleyweb-foley Community Member Posts: 33 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    That seemed to do it, albeit with some inconsistencies while previewed Chrome or IE. Hmmmm chrome read it wrong, copied the url to EI and it worked, back to the same Chrome and refreshed again and it did it okay that time.

    Thanks Christine.

  • web-foleyweb-foley Community Member Posts: 33 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Hi Christine,

    I'm still having a few issues with the reading order in JAWS... For example, a (one) text block containing 3 paragraphs, where the JAWS reader skips the first paragraph entirely - so strange.

    Can you tell me is there are significant updates to Lectora between version 18 and 19? We're wondering if updating will resolve some of these accessibility issues and trying to make a case to update - not my department's call ;)

    Sorry I missed the zoom meeting last month... apparently I underestimated mobile reception in Banff Canada hahaha!

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