Tables and Other Issues

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Some things I wanted to ask about:
  1. Tables- Are there plans to get this feature working properly? The only way to edit a table is by selecting the Cell Border dropdown and selecting All Border. Then the Cell Properties window comes up. None of the other table edit features are working correctly. The only other way to edit a table is opening the HTML box and editing the HTML itself.
  2. Pasting text from other sources- Even with a default font and style enabled, when pasting text from Word, the pasted text retains the font and style from the Word document. The only way to ensure text is pasted in properly is by pasting it directly into the HTML editor for each text box. Sometimes when you open the HTML editor for a text box you pasted text into, you  find different formatting applied to various sections of the text- even sections of the same sentence sometimes. The HTML becomes increasingly more convoluted if I have to paste more text into the same box to edit what's there. If I publish it on a PC without editing the HTML, it's going to behave differently when viewed on a Mac.
  3. Collapsing tree menu- would it be possible to put a Collapse All/Expand All button on the Title Explorer window and/or have the (-) button collapse everything that's expanded within the part you're collapsing? Collapsing one part of the tree (say, a Section) does not collapse everything you have open within it. So if I collapse a Section but have everything expanded on the pages in that section, everything remains expanded when I open that section back up.
  4. Cut off bullets- Bullets that don't have List Padding applied are cut off so that the circle looks like a half moon when published and viewed on Mac OS devices.
  5. Publishing to Reviewlink options- I'd really appreciate it if the Update status of "New" and "Not OK" comments to "Fixed" box would not retain the checkmark on it every time I publish. If I forget to uncheck it every time, I change all the New comments to Fixed. That really hurts when I'm publishing multiple times a day.
  6. Not Lectora related, but a continued problem: Could someone please take a look at this page? The text box where you enter the problem doesn't expand correctly on a PC and it's impossible to write something in it on a mobile device.
I apppreciate all that you do!



  • dslinger
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    One thing I forgot is entry box dimensions are not the same as shape dimensions. I had to build a table out of shapes in order to place entry boxes on top of it to create a fillable form. A Rectangle with dimensions of 116 x 50 fit with an entry box with the dimensions of 107 x 41.
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    Yes to all - especially the menu option. The ability to show/hide pages is nice, but it's feast or famine for the end-user.
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    Hello Donna,

    Thank you for posting your suggestions and questions! I have reviewed each and replied below.  

    We understand that editing tables could be more similar to other applications.  I have entered a feature request for needed improvements.  Lectora Online will have continued development and hopefully this can be addressed soon.

    Pasting text from one word processor to another does carry the formatting with it.  We do recommend that you paste using Ctrl+Shift+V as this will drop the formatting.  Otherwise, similar to how you paste into the HTML editor, you can paste into a plain text editor such as Notepad++ first, then copy that into the title.  This will also drop the formatting.

    For the collapsing / expanding options, we do have that feature!  Use the right mouse click to open the context menu and select Collapse All or Expand All as needed.  This will affect all lower items.

    I tried a few bullet lists on both Mac OS and iOS and have not encountered any bullets cut off.  I have created a support ticket for you, with a link to share a sample with us.  Please include what browser you are using and if you are on Mac or Windows.

    I have entered the ReviewLink option as a feature request.  I know that we had customers who wanted it on so they did not forget to update the comments!  

    Regarding the support ticket submission form.  I do see the problem and will work to address.  Until then, please feel free to send all the details by email using [email protected] ([email protected] is still active too) to open a support ticket.  

    I see how the entry field and shape objects have different dimensions to create the same apparent size.  I have reported this to development as well. 

    Thank you again for posting these suggestions!

  • dslinger
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    Hi Sheryl,

    The tables issue is a big one. I currently can't create a complex Section 508-compliant table and it's making me crazy.

    Thanks for letting me know about the collapse/expand options! Somehow I missed that feature.

    I understand about the Reviewlink publish option. I just want it to retain my preference the first time I uncheck the box for a title similar to the other HTML options. Currently, it checks that box again every time I publish.

    Thanks for looking into the other issues!

  • scoggins
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    Thanks Donna!  We will definitely look into the tables issue.