How to force HTML extension into the correct tab order

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I am using some HTML extensions in my Lectora file and I am having an issue getting them to be in a logical tab order. I have an interface with Menu, Resources, and Glossary buttons, which should be tabbed to first, but the html extensions are the first item tabbed too. I've read that Lectora 18 writes its code so that the html extensions  get tabbed to first no matter what order you set it in, so I am wondering if there is any kind of work around for this.

Thanks for any help you can provide.



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    This is my suggestion...

    go to, and join The Lectora Accessibility User Group.


    We are meeting this Thursday at 10:00 Central and you'll be able to ask your questions then. I'm pretty sure someone on our call can give you some guidance.

    Once you join, I'll be able to send a meeting registration link to you.

    Christine O'Malley

    Leader, The LAUG.
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    For the record... Shawn got back to me and shared this solution:

    "I did a little more research and found that if you add an anchor (Position & Size, then check the Anchor position box)  to the html extension object, that will put it in the correct tab order. If you have back and next buttons on the page, then you would add anchors to those as well. Then as long as you have everything in the correct tab order in the Title Explorer, tabbing works correctly on the page." -Shawn