YouTube Full Scrren Unavailable

csmith3209 Community Member Posts: 7
I am working on a Lectora project and it’s driving me crazy. For some reason, in this project, embedded YouTube videos will not display full screen and I can’t figure out why. Other projects work fine. The only difference I can think of is that this project includes several tests, one of which is timed.

Am I losing my mind? Do you know of any setting in Lectora or some way I can get at the page html to allow full screen? Here is a video that shows the problem.

Zipped project file is attached.


  • csmith3209
    csmith3209 Community Member Posts: 7
    Here is an update. I figured out the problem, but I don't know what to do about it.

    It seems that if a project contains a test that has either randomized questions or is a timed test, the full screen option on any YouTube videos in the project is disabled. This must be a glitch as I can't imagine there being any deliberate reason for it.

    Here is another video that shows the problem

    If anyone has any suggestions, they would be appreciated.