set state of several buttons with one action?

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Would it be possible to set the state of nine buttons at once if their corresponding variable contains a certain value?
Something like

for var1 - var9
if value = "seen"
set state button1 - button9 disabled

(yes, I know this is gibberish coding ;) )

The way I have it now is nine On Show Set State actions...




  • wheels
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    You would need to setup an action "group", by putting actions inside a group object.

    You would need one action for each set state action which would be setup to conditionally execute.

    Then you can run the action group with one action.

    (so simple answer no, not at this time unless you write some scripting to do this)

    We have talked about adding multiple targets to some actions. The conditional per button based on variables would still be an issue. Thanks for posting we will consider this use case for future enhancements.
  • mbuitenkamp-4316
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    A very late "Thank you" for responding :)
    I figured this would be the way to go, but was hoping for another option ;)