Two issues

carlfink Community Member Posts: 1,099 ✭ Legend ✭
Sorry about flooding this forum. I am trying to finish a test project before my trial runs out.

So I tried to upload a very reasonably-sized video (550 mb, and yes, that's reasonable for a 12 minute equirectangular video). Partway through the upload I got the error in the attached image.

I was able to upload an even larger version of the video a few weeks ago? Also, that's a not-terribly-useful error message. It appears to indicate a problem with the JavaScript that underlies CenarioVR. If desired I can open the Chrome programmer tools and try to debug it for you. :)

Another thing I encountered: you can't multiselect objects unless the list view is displayed on the left. If you are in the "list of scenes" view (and not "list of objects") ctrl-click on objects is identical to just clicking, with no multiselect.