Drag and Drop Scoring/Grading

aereaut-1399 Community Member Posts: 12 ☆ Roadie ☆
I have created an image that requires a label on the top and bottom of the page.  For example: I want the word "private" to appear on the top and bottom of the page.  I have made 2 Text items with the word "Private".  If they drag it to location 1 its correct OR if they drag it to location 4, its correct.  So I marked drop zone 1 and 4 as correct.  However when the item is graded, it tells me that 1-1 is correct, but I didn't answer 1-2.  I thought the system would read it as" If you drop the word 'private' in location 1 OR location 4, it will be correct".  It appears that the answer is "you must drop this item in location 1 AND location 4  to get full marks.  Where are I going wrong and how do I make the answer to work in either location.


I have attached a pic for clarity.