Re-attempt only incorrect questions

vkumar9136 Community Member Posts: 47 ☆ Roadie ☆
Hi everyone,

I have built a test in Lectora 18. which has 10 questions. i want to attempt only the wrong questions when i failed and retry the test. Is it possible in Lectora? If anyone have any idea about this, please help me.



  • web-foley
    web-foley Community Member Posts: 51 ✶ Headliner ✶
    Are these Questions in a Test Section? Or Random/Pooled etc?

    If there are only a few Questions to worry about, and they're not random/pooled, you may be able to run an Action Group on the Forward/Next button. But this will require you to likely track in another variable something to indicate your current/intended selection so that it will only fire the one action you need... it's really difficult to say without knowing the question section structure.

    Next: Run "ActionGroup"
    Action Group:
    GoTo Question1 if (Question1Variable) is not correct (and further conditions of your tacker/variable)
    GoTo Question2 if (Question2Variable) is not correct (and further conditions of your tacker/variable)
    GoTo Question3 if (Question3Variable) is not correct (and further conditions of your tacker/variable)...
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