Progress Bars Not Showing Correct Number of Bar "Chunks"

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Yes - it's me again, lol!

I've added a progress bar to the bottom of each page of my 13-page (13-question) quiz. I included an action on each page to set the progress bar's "step" to be the same as whatever the number of the question is. (So, for example, the first page/question sets the progress bar step to "1" and the second page/question sets the progress bar to step "2" and so on.)

However, the number of bars that show on the progress bar doesn't really match the number of the step -- it seems to be 1/2 or 1 bar more than the step I set it to, as you can see in the attached image. I tried setting the first page/question to step 0 and going on from there, but then it showed no bars on the first page and 1 on the second, etc., so that's not the solution.

So, any thoughts/suggestions as to how to make it display properly? Am I doing something wrong, or is this a flaw within the default progress bar that Lectora provides? Also, without creating a custom image, is it possible to just show the progress bar as a solid bar that increases in length, without showing separate "chunks" within it? That would make the problem I'm having less obvious than showing separate chunks of the wrong quantity.


  • timk
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    It's not a flaw, it's an image ;-) The image is displayed in 13 steps. If you want each step to match one chunk you'll have to give the progress bar a matching width. Each chunk in the default image is 10 px wide, 8 px green shape 1 px white border on each side. Each step should reveal one chunk when the progress bar has a width of 130 px.
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    @tmk - You, sir, are a genius and a lifesaver! That totally fixed my problem!
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    Presumably you could just use a continuous image, no separation into bits and blobs, and it would just extend as the student answered questions.
  • tecocat
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    Yeah - I considered that, but didn't really want to spend the time coming up with a custom image. The previous solution is working fine, so I'm happy! :)