Two Questions about Lectora 18 User Interface

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I'm wondering whether there's any way to get rid of the device bar (the one that lets you see how your title looks in various devices), since I'm only developing for PC use and that bar is taking up precious screen real estate? I can't seem to find a setting to turn that off.

On the flip side, is there any way to get back the bar that used to be at the bottom, which allowed me quick access to things like previewing my title and other stuff? That bar was really small, but helpful, and I miss it!


  • brobertson4402
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    The device bar only appears for Titles that are Responsive.  Turn off Responsive in the Title Options and it will disappear.

    The bar at the bottom is called the Status Bar. As far as I can determine, you can't turn it off.  But you can right-click it to determine the tools available.

    Hope this helps.
  • tecocat
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    Thanks, Bryan! I was hoping I could turn off the device bar without turning off whether the course is responsive (which I had seen as a solution before), but I may just have to do that.

    As for the status bar, the problem is that I want to turn in ON, not turn it OFF! I no longer have the status bar, which used to be on the bottom when I was working in previous versions. I just can't find the setting for turning it back on. (Although, it's good to know that you're still seeing it, as it at least tells me that they haven't done away with it for version 18!)

    Thanks, again, for taking the time to respond!
  • cainam
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    That bottom bar isn't there at all?  You can right click down at the bottom to select which items you want to show:

    - Adam Cain
  • tecocat
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    Aha! I discovered what the problem is, although it's a problem that shouldn't be happening....

    I had Windows taskbar at the top of my screen (so that, when my mouse slides down the angled bed tray that I work on and hits the bottom of the screen, the little window snapshots won't pop up and get in my way). When I moved the Windows taskbar to the bottom, the status bar reappeared!

    I don't know why the position of my taskbar makes a difference (it shouldn't, as it's taking up the same amount of space either way), but, apparently, it does. I guess I'll go report this as a bug or enhancement request or something....

    Thanks, Adam, (and thanks, again, Bryan) for taking the time to respond!
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    You could move the Taskbar to the side? On my system at least, when I do that the Status Bar persists. Hmm ... even with the Taskbar at the top, I still have a status bar, though.
  • tecocat
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    @Carl -- Hmmm....maybe it has to do with the relative sizes of our screens? I'm just working off of a 14" laptop screen. That's the only thing I can think of! But, for now, I've turned off the "peek" feature for the task bar so that I can leave it at the bottom and have Lectora's status bar showing (because it's so much faster to preview a page that way!).

    Thanks for responding!