A manual? A walkthrough?

carlfink Community Member Posts: 1,099 ✭ Legend ✭
So I'm old school, OK? My first computer ran CP/M. My first programming language was FORTRAN IV.

There are certain things I'm used to having when I learn a new piece of software. One of them is a manual. I was astonished to start my CenarioVR trial today and discover that there isn't one, at least not easily findable. There's just a quick start guide.

And you couldn't use your bundled software to record someone creating a simple scenario? Basic tutorials are pretty standard in 2020, aren't they? And you have a deal with Camtasia?

It's ... disappointing. Your "Resources" menu actually includes no resources on how to develop in CenarioVR, just generic resources about VR training and a link to your blog.