How to get tracking status offline

lby Community Member Posts: 21
I have several users using a title offline and the info is going to be store in a db. How can I keep track of where the student last visited, is there a variable that I can use and store? I am already tracking status throughout the title, and want to put the student back when he/she login again and the title starts. I could store the last location (page, chapter) but that will not help because the student can go anywhere in the menu table of content.

I was thinking about creating a binary string or 1's and 0's (1=been there, 0=not there) for each chapter, section, and then convert the string to a decimal value, store it and when I retrieve do the inverse (decimal to binary [string]) but the problem would be how to select each bit position to decode. Maybe the decoding has to be done in js?

Any suggestions....