Lectora not showing as complete to learners

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I have a peculiar problem with a course we have online. Learners complete the course, but never shows to the end learner as completed on the LMS. When I test this course on Scorm cloud or on the on the LMS as an administrator it completes as expected. The frustration is the learners send emails to get us to manually update their records to reflect as completed.

I cannot pick what it is on this course that is causing the issue. Would love some hints on this one. Am hoping someone may point out the obvious. I have spent too long looking, and am sure it is right in front of me. Our courses are a little unique.


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    Hi Ciaran (@cwhelan2537)

    My first guess would be that students are getting the test results and closing the browser window.

    They see their score and that they passed, so they figure they are done.

    You could add a button to say that you need to go to the next page to record the training, or you could add the record your training actions as series of On Show actions on the Assessment Pass page.

    That would be what I would try. Hope this helps.

    - Joe
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    In another thread you wrote that you publish to Scorm 1.2. The settings in this course seem to be Scorm 2004? Which one is your target version?

    Do the users who are not marked as completed in the LMS have a score in the LMS?

    You may try to set the score before the status.

    ... and I agree with Joe. The users may be tempted to close the window from the "Assessment Pass" page. If I'm right to believe that noone would actually not "Record your training" when passed you could just move all the LMS actions from the "Record your training" button to the "Submit Assessment" button.
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    Joe, that is a great idea. In all of our courses we have a conclusion page in which we normally get sent as proof proof of completion. So I will add the completion action on show of the initial page with the score.

    Tim, this course was developed prior to shifting across to SCORM 1.2. The LMS we are using is called WorldLearn. It is developed here in South Australia for Government Departments. As for score, I have to do a bit of reading to see how to push the score to the LMS as we do not normally do this. When users press the record your training, nothing is sent from the button on this course. We have a conclusion page on every course, thus the learners are used to seeing this. This course is 1 of 120 courses we have for the Police to do, and seems the most buggy course of not showing completion.

    I will make some changes to the actions and re-upload to the LMS, and report back.