Answer Keys with Questions

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Hi Team,

We used to share the _tobj.xml file with the SMEs for verification in the earlier version but now the _tobj.xml file is changed to _tobj.txt file. And this text file is fully encrypted and we don't know how to share it with SMEs.

Are there any other ways  to get the questions with answer keys from the SCORM1.2 publlished ZIP file?





  • vkumar-2752
    vkumar-2752 Community Member Posts: 3
    Further to add, the contents in _tob.txt file is encoded with Base64 and EvpKDF algorithm. There is a new java script file enc.js is now included in the immanifest.xml file
  • bparker2032
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    You could try exporting the questions to a CSV file. The CSV file will have the question text, the choice text for each answer and the correct choice answer(s). Hopefully this will work for you.
  • kjones4547
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    How do you do this with Inspire?  Exporting a csv isn't in the Export options.
  • timk
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    "Export to CSV" is an option in the test properties.
  • carlfink
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    Not necessarily from the SCORM file, but you could:
    1. Add a Results Page to the quiz if there is not one already. Set it up to show the correct answers to all questions.
    2. Run the course locally (either Run mode or Preview mode).
    3. Take the quiz. It doesn't matter what you answer.
    4. Print the Results Page.
    5. Don't save the changes (so that Results Page is not in the production version), unless you want a Results Page like that.
  • vkumar-2752
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    Thank you everyone for the response, so going forward I understood that its not possible to get the questions and answers from SCORM 1.2 published file as we used to get earlier.

    Instead we've to open *.awt file in Inspire and export it to CSV format again. :)