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We launched our safety orientation course last week and had several last-minute user testing comments. One of these comments concerns the automated message that appears when a question is answered (either correctly or not). The user noted that clicking "OK" to close the message window did not also advance the screen; he still had to click the "next" arrow to move forward in the course.

This idea seems quite reasonable and could probably be enabled with adding variable functions to the message window. (It may also be possible to do the same thing through Java but my experience with java is limited to my daily cuppa...or more...)

So could Lectora enabling the “OK" button to also advance the screen on question messages?


  • klaatu
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    Add a second action after the display message that will navigate to the next page. Because the display message is a modal window the second action will not trigger until the modal window is closed.

  • jhauglie5350
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    Great idea, Darrel - and thanks for the example!
  • kpeverill3403
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    Our pilot / testers all hated that auto pop-up box. So we changed the feedback to a layer that appears within the window itself, and then doesn't present that extra click.

    See attached example of the question, and the feedback


  • jhauglie5350
    jhauglie5350 Community Member Posts: 25
    Thanks for the tip, Karyn! How did you get this enabled? It's entirely likely that my familiarity with the tool is much more limited than yours - so as much "how to" you could provide would be great!