Course not scoring correctly

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I'm looking for any type of assistance in regards to a course that I've inherited.  Recently started with a new company and just got Lectora 18 installed.  Lectora is brand new to me, so everything is confusing right now.

The issue that I've found with the course is the test does not seem to be scoring correctly.  On what seems to be the final test it includes 39 "questions" that you're supposed to answer.  If you take a look at the screenshot, the questions are setup as a scenario which you are to answer and if correct you'll receive a green check.  After going through the test and answering all 39 scenarios, the LMS only recognizes the user as getting 39/100 instead of 39/39.

I've looked for any type of how-to videos or documentation for Lectora, but I have been unsuccessful.  Can anyone assist with pointing me in the right direction to learn Lectora and get a better idea of what the previous designer was trying to do?


  • carlfink
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    That does not seem to be a Lectora "Test" object, although your screencap cuts off just a bit too low to be sure. It looks as if whoever built it "hand-crafted" it from various controls and actions. It's very hard to know what they did exactly without seeing the actual course. Is it possible for you to upload a Zip archive of it (which you can make by selecting File >> Export >> Zip)?

    If there's proprietary information, you could make a copy of the course and delete everything except that page.