Equations in Lectora Online

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I might miss some step thats needed to get equations published properly in Lectora Online, or it is a weird bug.

At the maths-department a teacher uses the texteditor with the codecogs equations editor ( clicking fx in the editor ) to create math equations. In preview in Lectora Online they all look good. When publishing...both in HTML and Scorm they sometimes look as supposed and sometimes are just plain invisible ( Chrome browser ). And its not always the same. Published and previewed the course several times, and got different equations througout the course to look good...and then others disappeared. Quite erratic behaviour.

Submitting it as a bug too...

As seen in the pictures i tried seamless and non-seamless. Some pages they miss, some not... and republishing a title changes the behaviour again. All erratic and random.


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    Hey @mnotermans5114 I opened a bug on this. We saw in the cogs editor forums that there are problems rendering some fonts.
  • mnotermans5114
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    Yeah, indeed font is critical as i did notice too. Verdana works best, but alas as i learned from a math-teacher that needs and uses the codecogs editor in Lectora, Latin Roman is apparently the common choice for equations. The same editor on Codecogs works quite well, changing fonts and all works good ( untill today that is, site down atm )
    but inside Lectora Online the editor fails often.

    What i did notice however is that reselecting a textfield that has been edited and equations been added often solves it, and then it publishes properly. However it is trial and error. That shouldnot be the case, and indeed also sent it in as a bug.